The preliminary retreat agenda is now available

Dear Friends,

To the best of my knowledge, never before in one room has a group of this calibre of scientists, clinicians, educators and policy makers with a global influence in the areas of research, education, vocation, sport and media assembled together to tackle the epidemic of concussions.

This conference will focus on the following areas:

  • The Epidemic of Concussions - need for multidisciplinary collaboration to address this global challenge
  • The need for objective diagnosis in the area of concussion, post-concussive syndrome (PCS)
  • The future of concussion/PCS management utilizing Neuroimaging and Biomarkers to objectify diagnosis and treatment.
  • The need for standardization of management in the area of concussion/PCS for children, adults, and athletes.
  • The need for policy standardization for school boards, workers boards, sporting associations regarding concussion/PCS
  • The need for therapeutics in the management of concussion/PCS
  • The importance of rigorously designed trials with critical appraisal of data.

The deliverables for the conference are the following:

  • The release of a white paper outlining the future of concussion/PCS management. This will provide governments, granting agencies and private donors an outline on areas of much needed research and resources.

Although the conference is by invitation only and the response globally has been overwhelming - as the Founder and Chair - this is the commitment I will make to each one of you:

  • This conference and its associated publications will be driven by data and data alone. There will be no influence of industry in the objectives or output.
  • If you are passionate about concussions and would like to make a difference - whether you are a student, parent, teacher, healthcare worker or one of the many like me who has a near and dear one that sustained a brain injury - in my case my mom - I encourage you to apply to attend the conference and I will make every effort to find an opportunity for you to participate.

Neilank K. Jha, MD, FRCSC
Neurosurgeon, Spine Surgeon
Editor-In-Chief, Current Research - Concussion
Chairman, The Konkussion Retreat